Students Incorporate LED Lighting to Advance Learning

As of lately, Europe has been a leader in deploying LED technology to its fullest potential in the classroom. From schools built with mood lighting and maximum natural lighting to programs that emphasize the growing importance of energy use in light, there have been numerous examples of lighting and education in the 21st century. From across the pond in Norway, a school that has been developed with advanced LED calibration recently opened, positively leading the future.

Built in Telemark, the Holla Comprehensive School worked with a lighting and design company to push the very limits of how lighting can be deployed to further education. The starting point was a fully tunable LED light console that can be controlled by teachers based on mood, time of day, and even the lessons that are being taught. This human-centric lighting (HCL) can be tuned to lumen levels of 4616 lm.

Additionally, all lighting systems have been synced in the school in order to try and match the circadian rhythm of students. This synchronization is thought to help boost energy, and improve student’s sleep patterns, which will have a direct effect on cognitive ability in the classroom.

Throughout the day in the Telemark schoolhouse, lighting will be adjusted from settings that are labeled calm and standard. Given the level of depth by which the school was built around the concept of light, nearly every design structure, from the direction it faced to the colors of paint used on classroom walls, was done with immense detail.

Many people have begun wondering if this level of lighting technology worth it? Although LED lights have dropped considerably in price over the years, and energy benefits alone now make them the preferred lights for large structures, costs for creating such a technically sophisticated school were high. Exact studies are ongoing into the benefits of such complex systems, and schools like the one in Telemark will make terrific case studies. LED calibration. Accurate LED measurements, when deployed correctly, has the potential to lead a revolution in the moods of the body and the mind.

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