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G&H OL IS-1800H 18-Inch Integrating Sphere


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The Instrumentation division of Gooch & Housego has manufactured integrating spheres for over 20 years. We offer spheres in a range of sizes, as well as a multitude of baffle and port configurations, to meet any source or input optic requirement. Sphere coatings for applications in the UV through IR wavelength ranges are available. We offer integrating spheres for:


Irradiance and Illuminance Measurements

  • Near-perfect cosine response
  • Wide wavelength range – PTFE and gold coatings
  • A wide range of sizes – from 1 inch to 76 inches
  • Both standard and custom designs

Total Flux Measurements

  • External and internal lamp mounting geometries
  • Wide wavelength range – PTFE and gold coatings
  • Fully optimized designs
  • Auxiliary lamps included for highest accuracies
  • A wide range of sizes – from 4 inches to 76 inches
  • Washable coating on larger spheres
  • Standard and custom designs

Calibration Sources Diffuse Reflectance/ Transmittance Measurements

  • A wide range of accessories available
  • Direct interface to instruments or via fiber optics
  • Dual beam construction for highest accuracies
  • Radiance, luminance, irradiance, luminance calibrations
  • High light level to extremely low light level
  • Manual adjustment or fully automated
  • NIST-traceable
  • Uniform

Underwater Spheres

Motorized Large Integrating Spheres

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