Product Spotlight: OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test & Measurement System

Even in darkness, Gooch & Housego has learned how to help bring the light. With the OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test & Measurement System, light measurement instrumentation can be brought to a whole new level. This terrific piece of technology is backed by 40 years of experience in making instruments that define quality and precision. And when thinking of night vision, precision is an absolute key: goggles and other systems that rely on this technology must be well-suited to work with in-field systems. Display screens, particularly when concerning military operations, must work under strict guidelines when operating at night to avoid obvious potential dangers to personnel. In aeronautics, these guidelines are commonly referred to as MIL-STD-3009 requirements; the OL 770-NVS is designed specifically to test for operational ability under this banner, as well as a wide-range of other night-field software.

User-friendly and compact, the OL 770-NVS is equipment suited just as equally for the field depot as the lab. With its emphasis on aerospace light emission testing, the OL 770-NVS is a spectroradiometer that draws few comparisons in quality elsewhere on the market. Its uses are wide-ranging in aeronautics beyond MIL-STD-3009 (and the obsolete MIL-L-85762A) measurements: NVIS compatibility testing, SAE AS8037 and AS25050 requirement levels, and a host of possible applications with regards to exterior plane lighting.

As an affordable device in the 380-1100 nm wavelength range, this portable unit (weighing a mere 5.5 pounds, even with all its applications) is easily plugged into Windows 7. User-friendly and intuitive design is meant to make it easy on testers with experience ranging from limited to professional: the ability to see pass/fail status for all possible testing applications can be viewed simultaneously. The unit is also compatible with Windows XP/2000 OS.

When dealing with night vision technologies, particularly in regards to aircraft, confidence in instrumentation and testing results is at a premium. Small errors make big problems. When choosing companies to purchase sophisticated instrumentation from, selecting experience and quality is always the correct decision. Gooch & Housego is an innovator and industry leader with a long track record in light measurement instrumentation. For more information on purchasing, or additional details on our systems at large, e-mail, or contact Maureen Knowles at 407-422-3171 (Ext: 206).

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