Product Spotlight: OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System

Calibration is the key to make use of light and energy. From scientific labs to aircraft illumination, understanding the power emitted by wavelength is important for work in education and a huge variety of industries. In few instances is this more true than with light displays; simply put, the usefulness of a display system can be measured only in the type and consistency of illumination emitted. For this reason, having a world-class spectroradiometer is paramount. Gooch and Housego has just that with the OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System.

Versatile, technical and intuitive to use, any manufacturer of display units needs the capabilities it features. Quality assurance is the engine by which technology companies run and are measured; to fall short here would often be to lose credibility. The OL 770 Display Measurement System has a wide variety of applicable uses due to its well-honed software and high-level technical abilities. Featuring wavelength accuracy at ±0.5 nm, 16-bit A/D resolution, and polarization error <1%, this spectroradiometer’s sensitivity and facility are nothing short of superb.

Beyond the technical highlights, the OL 770-DMS excels in its level of ease during day-to-day use. This sets it apart from other spectroradiometers in the field. Features such as the ability to automatically store tested data in an Excel™ format or the single-click interface presentation puts your lab’s capacity for information processing at the highest of levels. We’ve designed the system to allow the software it runs off of to work for you, as opposed to having to work to understand it. This means you can easily create customized reports and spreadsheets that are easy to use and are based on the needs of your spectrometric testing.

Included in this package are straight-forward fail/pass parameters that leave no confusion as to test results. Gooch and Housego’s technical prowess and cutting-edge abilities are well known and on full display with the OL 770-DMS. We achieved premier spectroradiometer sensitivity levels by creatively combining a CCD camera with direct viewing optics in our OL 610 CCD Imaging Telescope (one portion of the unit). This state-of-the-art piece of equipment was merged with a multi-channel spectroradiometer, and like magic, OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System was born. For more technical information and pricing, contact the leader in photonics at (800) 899-3171. We have the systems that can take your technical ability and precision to the next level.

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