Product Spotlight: OL 458-4

When dealing with elite technology, like integrated spheres, there’s no reason to look beyond the top-of-the-line products offered by our team at Gooch & Housego. The OL 458-4 white LED-based integrated sphere may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Our finest materials went into a product capable of consistent stable temperatures and continuous spectrum use across the visible array. Not only that, but the OL 458-4 is a flexible unit, and we have the capability to alter the design and facility depending on the job needed.

Its cutting-edge nature can be viewed from many angles. But raw numbers often do it justice:

  • Sphere coating >98%
  • Uniformity ±0.1%
  • Calibration luminance: 380 to 780 nm (not covering the OL 458-4 U)
  • Color temperature: 5030 K

Size and usability come in to play as well, with the OL 458-4 weighing in at a diminutive three pounds. It’s a power unit and an optics head, meaning users can activate both remotely and align precisely. Proprietary Optolon 2 material coats the sphere, which creates a next-level diffuse reflection.

Useful in either a static laboratory or field work, the sphere was designed to be tough and durable (unlike many exacting but fragile testing modules). Additional features include a USB connection, LED-based source, an internal feature to track usage, consistent currents via a 48 volts DC, and built-in application software.

The Life Sciences & Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego was established to eliminate a void that existed in the area of optical radiation standards, calibration services, and measurement instrumentation for industry, government/military, and academia. We are dedicated to helping you and your organization by providing products that have been tested against traceable calibration standards. If you want to learn more, contact us today at 407-422-3171.

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