Product Spotlight: MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter

Colorimeters and photometers can sound like exotic instruments used only for a select group of applications. But in fact, the uses of colorimeters or photometers, and the variety of industries they are employed in, is tremendously diverse.

Photometers are routinely combined with colorimeters, and the result (when done correctly) is an object that can measure an array of sources. The detection of light, to the exact proton, can be deployed in everything from aviation technology (cockpits, lighting displays, exterior identification signals, etc) to roadway lighting and sign reflection.

The state-of-the-art MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/Photometer system from Gooch & Housego. Compact and rugged, the Mantis weighs a mere 1.8 pounds but can power your laboratory into another level of light and color classification.

This elite instrument does not require years of experience to operate: usability was factored in to its design, and can be seen most clearly by the user in such functions as the direct pass/fail display. MANTIS is also compatible with the most current Windows operating systems.

Features of the Mantis include:

  • Full field luminance and color measurements of lighting and displays for high-speed production
  • Tristimulus color coordinates (XYZ and x,y, Y)
  • High-speed GigE interface
  • Rugged enclosure and compact footprint

So we’ve come a long way with photometrics, and the expansion of needs for this precise light measurement technology looks to only grow. Our calibration standards are up to the task. For more information on MANTIS, always feel free to contact the Life Sciences & Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego at 407-422-3171.

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