Product Spotlight: MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/ Photometer

Gooch and Housego prides itself on multi-dimensional products that can reach an extreme caliber. Our devices look to improve the capabilities of other lighting products around the world and work in an elite echelon of laboratory-level machines that produce very precise functions. The MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/Photometer is a perfect example of what we are and what we create.

The MANTIS is designed to create CCD-based measurements of luminance, chromaticity, and color temperatures for large areas. It does this with a proprietary pixel scheme that can create measurements that are basically unequal in the current market.

Photometers can be used for many applications, but as a company that focuses on precision, we like to narrow our purposes to the finite; however, some of the common applications for MANTIS include the automotive and aviation industry. Both industries require very strict spatial lighting control measurements in display modules, the type that only a system like MANTIS can deliver.

This device is also now commonly used in architectural lighting, as well as illumination design concepts. Precision is imperative when creating the right mood and emotion with projected lighting, and this cannot be tested simply by the human eyeball. Strictly grounded photometers, like MANTIS, allow for a level of testing that can refine a product, or project, well before display. MANTIS has also found itself quite useful in a similar but generally unrelated field of roadway lighting.

Getting a good grasp on the quality of a given photometer can often come simply from the spec sheet. As such, it’s important to note the eye-popping capabilities that come packaged in the diminutive 1.8 pounds of MANTIS. They include:

  • A high-speed GigE interface
  • Camera resolution of 2750X2200
  • Power supply input at 100-240 VAC @ 0.4 A, 50/60 HZ
  • Easy to read pass/fail mechanisms
  • 3D plots of luminance

Above all the technical accoutrements, overall usability is still paramount. And MANTIS comes through here as well, with a tough and rugged design permitting easy travel, and an operating system compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.With MANTIS, sophistication and accuracy is taken to an incredible level, all at a cost-effective range.

The Life Sciences & Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego was established to eliminate a void that existed in the area of optical radiation standards, calibration services, and measurement instrumentation for industry, government/military, and academia. We are dedicated to helping you and your organization by providing products that have been tested against traceable photometric standards. If you want to learn more, contact us today at 407-422-3171.

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