Product Spotlight: Aries

As we continue to set benchmarks in terms of industry capabilities, we never lose sight of our original products. The OL 770 is one of Gooch and Housego’s cornerstone products, featuring many of the dynamic optical measurement innovations that still define the company. To assist even further in the stringent world of metrology, we created the Aries Spectroradiometer.

The Aries is a highly reliable optical measurement instrument with impressive technical specifications and a software package optimized for research level precision. Calibration verification is delivered at a reduced time-frame due to our unique built-in wavelength check and reference lamp.

Some other impressive technical specifications include:

  • Wavelength accuracy ±0.5 nm
  • Operating temperature 5 to 35 degrees C
  • Operating temperature 5 to 35 degrees C
  • Optical bandwidth (when including 100 micron slit) 2.5 nm
  • Quantum efficiency >90% at 650 nm
  • A/D rate 250 khz
  • Optical aperture f/2

Founded on some of the principals of the OL 770, the Aries unit incorporates techniques that will be key for any professional laboratory. And at 21 pounds, Aries is a spectroradiometer that is both durable and easy to transport. User-endpoint arrangements are pre-set to have a minimal learning curve, but with elite technical output.

Low stray light, an extremely high-dynamic range, and straightforward pass/fail indicators, round out some of the many features of the next-generation Aries. Readings and results from the Aries can be automatically merged into Microsoft Word and Excel products.

Aries Applications:

  • LED measurement
  • Display testing
  • Transmittance measurements
  • Spectral radiance/irradiance measurements

Our products are intricate, smart, consistent and usable: the Aries fits all four categories. As technology relies further on photometric accuracy, your lab will require elite equipment to align optical measurement instrumentation correctly. We will continue to evolve with the field, as the journey from the OL 770 to the Aries shows. For more information on our products and abilities, contact us anytime at 407-785-6005.

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