Product Spotlight: Aries Spectroradiometer

As spectroradiometers evolve over the years, it’s crucial to keep up with changing capabilities and functional needs. But we’re not here just to keep up, we’re here to lead and create innovative spectroradiometers that set new precedents. Gooch & Housego does not unleash a new line of spectroradiometers very often, but when we do, you can be assured that we’ve pushed the technical envelope as far as modern technology will allow us to go.

The Aries is a direct predecessor of the highly acclaimed OL 770. But with Aries, we installed new modern accessories, like Wi-Fi and Ethernet connective ports, to push the entire product up a class. Lua software was installed for easier custom calculations, and we also included an internal automated filter wheel. The wheel alone increased dynamic range by an envious seven order magnitude.

The Aries is a tough unit, with precision at its core, like the OL 770 before it. Its applications are varied, as are the wavelength ranges that the unit comes available with. To be precise, the Aries includes 200-780nm (UV/VIS), 380-780nm (VIS), 380-930 (NVIS), 380-1100nm (VIS/NIR), and 850-1700nm (NIR).

The usability of the Aries is essential to its overall application. As such, it’s a technical product that can auto-merge easily with Microsoft Word or Excel, and is super lightweight for easy field travel. Getting this kind of usability at a reasonable cost, while still retaining elite laboratory level precision, is rare. To say the least.

And some of the applications the Aries can be put to work towards include:

  • LED measurements (one of our most crucial and growing fields).
  • Display testing, from avionics to automotive.
  • Spectral irradiance and radiance measurements.
  • NVIS.
  • Reflectance and transmittance.

Our years of technical know-how have culminated in a product like the Aries Spectroradiometer. It takes master-level electronic manufacturers for products as specific as this, and those with an eye for quality can sense this immediately. Dynamic and easy to use, portable and tough, the Aries is a benchmark product because the best testing your displays is imperative.

The Life Sciences & Instrumentation Division of Gooch and Housego was established to eliminate a void that existed in the area of optical radiation standards, calibration services, and measurement instrumentation for industry, government/military, and academia. We are dedicated to helping you and your organization by providing products that have been tested against traceable photometric standards. If you want to learn more, contact us today at 407-422-3171.

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