Product and Services Policies

Grey Market Support of G&H Products

Effective immediately any users who have purchased our instrumentation products will not be provided with support without purchase of the most current version of the software application for their systems at list. Even if they have the software in their possession they must purchase it again because it is a customer specific license not complete ownership of the software that is being purchased. Warranty level support must also be purchase on an annual basis at a cost to be determined by the product manager and to be not less than $2,500 USD.

Product Obsolescence

Gooch and Housego is committed to providing leading edge products to our customers, and as such invests considerable time to provide a range of high quality, high functionality products.

Product obsolescence is the “end of life” or final stage of the product life cycle. Our policy is to provide a “Notice of Discontinuance” which provides customers with up to six (6) months for last time orders. The product is then “Discontinued” and there is up to an additional six (6) months for last time shipments prior to “Obsolescence”. Gooch and Housego will continue stocking associated parts for (7) years (when available).

Products may become obsolete due to the introduction of newer products and technologies (Technical Obsolescence), due to the lack of availability of parts or the use of parts which no longer comply with regulatory guidelines (Component Obsolescence), or a reduction in market demand (Economic Obsolescence). Given the range of Gooch and Housego’s products and its drive to always provide the best leading edge solution, obsolescence allows Gooch and Housego to free resources to work on new projects, safe in the knowledge that our customers have a suitable, high quality product range.

To ensure that our customers can receive the maximum return on their investment, Gooch and Housego is committed to providing a range of support and service options. To encourage customers to take advantage of new products or technologies, upgrade or exchange promotions are sometimes offered when a given product is labeled obsolete. To find out more about the options available to you or to obtain a service quote on a discontinued product contact your local Gooch and Housego sales representative or distributor.

Major commercial product obsolescence announcements are communicated to Gooch and Housego channels at least 30 days before the effective date through normal vehicles such as newsletters. End-user customers can determine whether products have been declared obsolete by contacting Gooch and Housego technical support organizations or our factory in Orlando. A notice indicating planned obsolescence will be posted on the Gooch and Housego web-site with recommended alternatives where suitable. Customers with Gooch and Housego service contracts will be monitored regularly.

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