LighTimes: JEDEC Publishes International Thermal Testing Standards for LEDs

May 24, 2012…JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, announced the publication of a new series of standards for component level testing of high-brightness/power LEDs. Development within JEDEC?s JC-15 Committee involved LED industry leaders, and resulted in the new JESD51-5x series of standards aimed at thermal characterization of power LED components.?The series is in compliance with the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)?s existing LED measurement recommendations. JESD51-50, 51, 52 and 53 are all available for free download via the JEDEC website at:? ?

The association notes that thermal design is critical in order to ensure expected LED lifetimes and light output, and the design process requires accurate thermal data for LED components. Prior to the publication of the JESD51-5x series, a lack of widely accepted thermal testing standards for power LED components meant that published data sheet information was often questionable. Therefore, the association asserts that development of the new standards was urgently needed.?

Courtesy LIGHTimes News Staff

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