LED Technology has Matured into Li-Fi

The term Wi-Fi has become so ingrained in our popular lexicon, that announcing that there may be a new system on the way could take a little time to get used to. Li-Fi, powered by careful LED calibration, is slowly but surely making inroads around the planet. To be fair, both systems (Wi-Fi and Li-Fi) are relatively similar; they are hyper-speed communication systems that transmit data. Where they differ, though, could end up being ground-breaking.

The concept is fairly straightforward in some ways: Wi-Fi systems rely on radio waves in order to transmit data, whereas a Li-Fi systems would link via the light spectrum. This light spectrum can be something as simple as an LED light bulb. Bulbs are basically electrical signals, but they can be multi-purpose, as the same current that brings light to your room can, conceivably, be re-purposed to expose that same room to data. It’s taken years for LED technology to come to the point where it can carry our data, but many industry insiders believe the technology is here, and investment in Li-Fi systems are blooming.

There are some drawbacks to Li-Fi, but more pros than cons once you start weighing them. In brief:


  • Li-Fi has extremely impressive gigabit per second transfer abilities; some estimates are around 224 gbs per second. This difference is due to going outside of traditional radio waves.
  • Short range equals more secure connections. Whereas Wi-Fi can be picked up on by sensitive equipment at an exceptionally long distance, Li-Fi can be tuned to go no further than the light of a single room.
  • The ability to connect to a very specific IOT (Internet of Things). By focusing optical Li-Fi on your devices, you can provide them with a direct data stream.


  • You need light for LED optical Li-Fi to work. The connectivity of the system is limited to where and how you’ve positioned a set of bulbs. Some actually see this as a pro, in terms of security and stability, however, the limitations of such a system should be noted.

All of that is just where Li-Fi is at now. As LED calibration and light systems evolve and become more complex, it stands to reason that Li-Fi technology could get more sophisticated along with it. Running data through light as opposed to radio waves presents a tremendous opportunity which we have great expectations for. For more information on LED calibration or technology, or our products and services, call us at 407-422-3171.

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