Industries That Swear by OLEDs

LEDs paved the road in becoming industry mainstays, but now OLEDs are stealing their spotlight. OLED is an acronym for organic light-emitting diode, with organic being the key term. The essential difference between OLEDs and LEDs is a strip of organic material that is used to omit luminosity.

Additionally, OLEDs consume less power and work more efficiently, doing so without losing any of the characteristics of traditional LEDs. Because of this, they have gained a foothold in multiple industries very quickly. One study set the overall market earnings to be around $37.2 billion by the year 2020, and continuing advances in efficient lighting could see that figure continue to increase in the 20s.

These two industries are using OLEDs in the most innovative and consistent way:


The explosion in LED usage is mirrored very closely by the expansion of digital display needs. OLEDs were originally used in Samsung phones, and they worked so well that other phone and screen-based companies followed suit. Televisions in particular benefit from OLEDs as energy consumption is one of the consumer product’s greatest concerns. There is also talk, although nothing official, of Apple eventually switching from LCD to OLED.


A more surprising industry to absorb OLEDs is in the automotive realm. Display panels (as well as safety lighting) are the perfect fit for OLEDs. With the range of possibilities in the forms it can be molded into, and the ways it can be displayed, many doors are open for innovative designers to add style to what can be an otherwise dreary part of the vehicle. OLEDs also operate in difficult environmental conditions (extreme heat or cold) without much fuss.

But to keep the market of OLEDs growing, innovation will continue to be key, and as LEDs before them showcased, reliability is one of the vital factors in any industry setting a standard. The future for OLEDs is expansive, and the industries it could attach itself to are virtually infinite.

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