On The Horizon: New “Smart” Crosswalk in London

LED lights seems to have unlimited uses, but safety has proven one of the ways LEDs can be most beneficial, with new technology appearing in South London through so-called “smart” crosswalks.

The 20th century version of the crosswalk is a blinking light that instructs pedestrians when to cross. But while pedestrians can see these easily they are often difficult for drivers to see, making it difficult to have safe crosswalks.

Can LEDs help? Recent studies in London have shown that tiny LEDs embedded in the roadway can make crosswalks more functional. The systems in these “smart” crosswalks are impressively intricate, but still exceptionally easy for both driver and walker to understand.

Cameras identify pedestrians, then change the light signal embedded in the roadway to suit the situation. The walkway can widen when a large crowd is crossing, and intensify based on the sense of a dangerous situation.

Distracted pedestrians are becoming an ever-growing concern. “Smart” crosswalks look to mitigate this by alerting drivers of pedestrians crossing unsafely. The LED displays can be made to put out warning signals when pedestrians are crossing the road at an unscheduled time or in a random fashion.

There are, without a doubt, many more ways that LED lighting can improve safety in and around roads. With technology booming, specifically in regards to lighting, there seems to be no reason to not put it to good use.

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