Featured Products

Aries Spectroradiometer

The Aries spectroradiometer is the next generation optical measurement instrumentation focused on providing higher reliability and greater measurement throughput.  Based on the industry standard OL 770 optical core, the Aries utilizes state-of-the-art on-board signal processing and a new powerful software suite to provide measurements fast enough for high speed product applications, yet maintain research-grade sensitivity. The Aries provides increased dynamic range from low to high light levels though an internal automated neutral density filter wheel.  It also reduces downtime for calibration verifications with its built in wavelength check and reference lamp for quick calibration measurements without having to pull out a separate standard.

OL 459 Tunable LED Source

The OL 459 is a state-of-the-art tunable LED source, designed for replica of spectra to enable calibration of cameras and other optical instruments.  It features five individually tunable channels, an integrated monitor detector, and a highly uniform output exit port.  Controlling the source is easy using the provided software or the convenient control panel with display.


Fast Imaging Photometer

The FIP is a photometrically calibrated camera capable of high speed, full frame measurements. The compact and portable design makes it perfect for both assembly lines and portable field measurements.  Multiple lenses and filter options allow you to customize the product for your needs.






MANTIS Imaging Colorimter/ Photometer

The MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/ Photometer delivers ultra-fast high resolution spatially resolved measurements of luminance, chromaticity, and color temperature. It’s compact, rugged and ideal for full field measurements of automotive and aerospace lighting and displays in high speed production test environments.

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