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OL 459 Tunable LED Source

The OL 459 is a state-of-the-art tunable LED source, designed for replica of spectra to enable calibration of cameras and other optical instruments.  It features five individually tunable channels, an integrated monitor detector, and a highly uniform output exit port.  Controlling the source is easy using the provided software or the convenient control panel with display.

Fast Imaging Photometer

The FIP is a photometrically calibrated camera capable of high speed, full frame measurements. The compact and portable design makes it perfect for both assembly lines and portable field measurements.  Multiple lenses and filter options allow you to customize the product for your needs.

Using the OL 756 UV/VIS Spectroradiometer for FDA Sunscreen Testing


The OL 756 UV/VIS Spectroradiometer is currently the only portable instrument on the market that meets the FDA standard that determines which sunscreen products can be labeled as being “broad spectrum.”  It complies with the final rule for measuring the spectral distribution of the critical total UV wavelength range with a spectral bandwidth of < 1 nm and is also referenced in the COLIPA Guidelines.  The OL 756 is a completely self-contained double monochromator for the 200 – 800 nm range.  It features a portable, rugged design, a wide variety of accessories, optional battery operation, and intuitive application software.  The system is easily adaptable to a variety of measurement applications, such as: transmittance of UV skin protection products, lenses, and shade fabrics; tanning bed/ booth irradiance measurements; solar simulation characterization; and verification of UV curing lamp systems.

MANTIS Imaging Colorimter/ Photometer

Mantis_cut out._with pen copy

G&H Instruments’ MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/ Photometer delivers ultra-fast high resolution spatially resolved measurements of luminance, chromaticity, and color temperature. It’s compact, rugged and ideal for full field measurements of automotive and aerospace lighting and displays in high speed production test environments.


OL 410-1000 Current Source

410-1000 copyThe OL 410-1000 is a microprocessor-controlled, DC current source specifically designed to accurately operate tungsten filament lamp standards and calibration sources.
Features include:
  • Maximum power output of 1000 watts
  • Output current accuracy of ±0.02 % or better
  • Controlled ramp up / ramp down of the lamp current
  • Simultaneous digital readout of lamp current, voltage, and power
  • Ten (10) element lamp library with individual monitoring of lamp hours
  • Large two-line display with ON/OFF control
  • Full-speed USB 2.0 interface
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