Product Spotlight: OL 455-6KSA Ultra High Uniformity Calibration Standard

Our reputation is built on optical measurements and their accuracy, and into this tradition steps the OL 455-6KSA Ultra High Uniformity Calibration Standard. With precision always on the mind, we’ve created a sphere source that can handle a wide range of testing needs.

The OL 455-6KSA offers three options in one package. The first is the elongated sphere, adding uniformity by a factor of 10x in its very design.

The second is the automated variable aperture drive. This unique design allows for improved accuracy, all while lowering the amount of time it takes to find a luminance objective.

Finally, the OL 455-6KSA comes built with a stabilized monitor detector. By incorporating this stabilization technique into the original build of the unit, we’ve made the detector stay at a stable temperature without the need for any secondary modifications.

Critical design notes:

  • Next-level uniformity
  • Automated variable aperture drive design
  • Stabilized monitor detector
  • Elite image calibration
  • Automated control and high accuracy
  • Wide ambient temperature range


  • Image sensor calibrations

Automated control is the key to the capability of the OL 455-6KSA. Control equals accuracy. Lower time scales for testing, important for any world-class laboratory, are a noted feature of the OL 455-6KSA.

Stabilized monitor detectors read with little change over time in terms of readable output when compared to standard based monitor. These concepts combined make the OL455-6KSA an optimal choice above the field.   

Optical measurement tools require the utmost attention to detail, and to get them, careful testing and calibration must be possible. The OL 455-6KSA Ultra High Uniformity Calibration Standard offers this and more. For more information on the ways that we can increase your testing ability, call or send us an e-mail at anytime.

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